‘Mardaani’ Rani Mukherji Gets Gifted By the Interpol Cop

22 Jul 2014 06:07
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YRF’s latest movie, Mardaani, which hits the theatres on 22nd August, has Rani Mukerji playing the role of a courageous, no-nonsense, cop. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar, along with the stunning Rani Mukerji as the lead, it also has Jisshu Sengupta and Tahir Bhasin in the supporting cast. The Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta plays the role of Rani’s love interest here. The movie revolves around her search for a girl who has been led into the dank and vile world of human trafficking. As it progresses, our heroine Rani keeps on uncovering darker secrets about the horrendous world of human trafficking which is ruled by the iron fist of the Indian mafia. From the looks of the trailer, the movie promises some gritty realism.

The censor board has had a little issue with the film and has been firm that the scene which depicts the violation of a teenage girl be censored to reasonable extent. The usage of an expletive has also been censored by the board.

Rani’s search for the girl who is dear to her leads her into the snake’s pit that is the mafia. Being an adept at finding out hidden clues and solving the most difficult of mysteries, Rani delves into the secrets of the Mafia while searching for Pyaari, the teenage girl she has been searching. The scene that unfolds later is one that drives the movie and is instrumental in changing the life of our heroine.


The actress took to the training for the part with gusto. One of Interpol’s very own female inspectors of higher echelons came to educate the team of Mardaani Movie about women police, their functions and their working. She was quite instrumental in informing them of the finer details about women cops working in the field and how they handle different situations and respond to them.

​Rani Mukerji has always been one for perfection and this instance was no different. She worked hard to understand and get the minute details of a female cop absolutely right. No stone was left unturned by the versatile actress to get ready for her role so as to deliver a stellar performance. Time and again she has impressed her many fans and film critics, and this time should be no different. The Interpol inspector was quite interested to meet Rani, and the meeting finally took place in Mumbai on the sets of Latest Movie Mardaani. Rani’s hard work and tough attitude put a favourable imprint on the inspector, and she was impressed by the actress and the dedication and fervor with which she took to the task.

In fact, such was the impression Rani Mukherji made on the inspector, and so moved was she, that she gifted the actress a fine silver plate which had delicate Interpol engraving on it. Rani was honoured and quite stirred by this lovely gesture. The actress states that she is looking forward to the release of the movie on 22nd August and hopes for a positive reception from the audiences all over.

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