Rani Mukerji will not change her surname

04 Jul 2014 19:37

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The newly married Rani Mukerji, is a blushing bride post marriage. The actress that married Aditya Chopra recently has taken a decision to keep her maiden surname. Her marriage to Aditya Chopra was a hush hush affair. They got married far away in Italy. Only close friends and family members were a part of this celebration. The couple chose to keep this ceremony private as they didn’t want shutterbugs invading their private moments. Not much about this celebration has been revealed to the media.

Rani was away from the eyes of the media for quite some time; however she made a public appearance for the promotion of her upcoming film ‘Mardaani’. In this film, she plays the character of a cop and tackles the grave issue of female trafficking. Here, Rani was seen wearing a red ensemble that made her look stunning, guess it’s the wedding bliss that was making the difference. At this public appearance she expressed herself and said that she was proud to be a part of a film that revolves around issues that need immediate social attention.
When asked whether asked whether she would change her surname, she said that she wishes to keep her maiden surname. She said that her fans connect with her as ‘Rani Mukerji’ and will not accept her as ‘Rani Chopra’. She said, “People know me as Rani Mukerji, so I will stick to that for fans”. Known for iconic roles in so many films, Rani has a huge fan base in Bollywood. She is one of the actresses that give acting more priority above everything else in the industry, and she is rather good at it.

For her upcoming film ‘Mardaani’, Rani sports a tough look which is far away from glamour. In the poster, we see her sporting what looks like a uniform. She is all set to show off woman power through her performance for this role. Recent reports tell us that the censor board attacked this film to eliminate a curse word from the promos. They also asked the filmmakers to eliminate a scene that depicts rape. We are yet to see if the filmmakers finally make this change.

Rani is known for daring roles and is not afraid of experimenting with challenging characters. She takes up challenges and gives it her best. She may not be known for her glamour, but she is definitely on the top of the list that holds Bollywood’s best actors.

Coming back to the change in her surname, Rani said, “I love my name and I will keep to that. For my films people know me as Rani Mukerji and they will always know me by that name. Personally, when I admit my children in school that time there will be change of surname. But for my fans it will always remain ‘Rani Mukerji’. Rani also talked about the significance of acting in her life as she said, “I hope to work till I take my boots off. You can’t take away the artist out of me ever. I will have to play different roles like that of wife, in the future that of mother. The most significant role I think I am known for is that of an actor and this is something that is not going to change”.

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