Will “Divine Lovers” Be A Divine Hit?

25 Jun 2014 11:16

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Director Sai Kabir is all set to release another film with Kangna Ranaut, after their mutual success in Revolver Rani. Titled ‘Divine Lovers”, the film is set in the lower middle class of Mumbai and Aligarh, and also stars Irrfan Khan in the lead opposite Kangna.

The director has stated that it is a complete contrast to Revolver Rani. Divine Lovers is about the moral corruption of the lower middle class.

I’m doing a film called ‘Divine Lovers’ with Kangana and Irrfan in the lead. It would be a complete contrast to ‘Revolver Rani’. It won’t be loud, aggressive, violent and splashy like ‘Revolver Rani’. But again ‘Divine Lovers’ would be about the great Indian dream.” Said the director.

Let us know what you think of Kangna and Irrfan as a pair in the comments below!

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