New Chor in B-town: Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma’s comedy nights on Colours has been reigning since many years. He is someone who has given everyone including the biggies of Bollywood a lot of funnies. His wise cracking gag show, Comedy Nights with Kapil, which is going to complete one year on June22nd this year, is more popular than any other soap operas. Given a choice, you would flip to this comedy talk show instinctively. No other show has taken such a less time to gain popularity. In spite of going through a major fire accident on the sets last year, that burnt everything to stake, Kapil had the grit to redo everything and bring to show back to its original hilarity.

The Kapil camp on the show is just one play on grins and laughter. Not a single celebrity can escape his wise cracks, not even Yash Raj Films. Under the banner of Yfilms, Yash Raj Films have roped in Kapil in the main lead of a thriller comedy, Bank Chor. The story is about three goofy people who plan to rob a bank without any prior experience in robbing and land up in lot of trouble. If you have watched Al Pacino’s Dog Day Afternoon made in the 1970’s, you will see that the story is quite similar. However, Dog Day Afternoon is based on a true story of a small time criminal who decides to rob a bank without any planning. The crew he has chosen is also quite dumb. The bank people who are held for ransom get so tired of his tomfoolery and want to wind up the ransom thing, so they give him some tidbits on how to do it, so to end the day.

This movie might get rave movie reviews. This piece of news itself is generating excitement. This crime drama comedy genre of Bollywood movie is slated to be released in April next year. It is going to be directed by Bumpy. YFR films are only going to distribute it. Ashish Patil is the producer of this movie. The full cast and crew is not yet revealed. Hopefully Kapil won’t succumb to the pressure of the silver screen and disappoint. He has been consistent in delivering exceptional performances all the while. Bank Chor has an interesting concept though it seems inspired from Hollywood movie. Just like how Italian dishes are indianised by using condiments, this firangi inspiration too will have its bits of flavours that suit the Indian audience. Since it’s a crime comedy, there might not be an actress in the main lead. All we can do is guess who the star cast is.

Like Comedy Nights, hopefully, this brigade of three in this movie, should have its own version of lampoonery. He started his career as a comedian on The Great Indian Laughter Challenge reality show. He was then selected for a reality show called Hans Baliye, and since then he has been doing many comedy talk shows and reality shows in the comedy genre.

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